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Monday was thrilling at MASS MoCA as the ceiling and light fixtures were installed. These two components of the artwork were some of the most challenging to produce – all the more extraordinary when it all comes together and works! In my last entry I wrote a bit about stained glass artist Debora Coombs and the brilliant work she did in helping me create the light fixtures. Here I hope to give you a glimpse of the process by which this amazing ceiling took form. While I was painting away on the walls and vessels in my studio Mason, Derek and Richard were cutting and welding detailed geometric aluminum structures to form the basic skeleton of the ceiling. (more…)


Some of the most important elements in the Filthy Lucre installation are being produced outside of the museum studio with the assistance of some very talented artisans. I hope to feature some of these individuals over the coming weeks so all can see the amazing contribution each has made to the project. 

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Last week Debora Coombs mentioned our collaboration together in her own blog. She does a wonderful job of describing the process by which we made the glass light fixtures for Filthy Lucre. My goal was to paint every surface in the room including the fixtures but I had never painted glass outside of printmaking plates.



Ahead of schedule Filthy Lucre was moved piece by piece into the museum exhibition space at MASS MoCA. The day of the move we had heavy snowfall but as usual the amazing team worked tirelessly. Thank you Derek, Richard, Mason, & John!

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On the same day, all the ceramics were packed carefully for the move and storing until the rest of the installation is complete. Thank you Thomas for not breaking anything and for your fine fashions!

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My snapshot of the first 2 walls erected…. With our first corner in place, we were very excited to see actual formation of the interior space.

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