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I was fortunate enough to have my eighth solo exhibition at Inman Gallery, which opened last month in Houston.  Kerry Inman and her staff always do a beautiful job of installation, and they did an elegant hanging of the 36 works on paper that comprise Pavo. These watercolors are further explorations of the themes and motifs of Filthy Lucre.

Images Courtesy of the artist and Inman Gallery, Houston





My dear friend and great dealer Kerry celebrating another collaboration.



The fabulous Patrick Reynolds, Inman gallery director.


My most beloved Lori Cassady, friend of nearly 30 years enjoying a mint julep on a hot Houston night.



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During my residency this year at MASS MoCA, I painted a new body of work for Greg Kucera Gallery entitled Cadence which went on view in Seattle on April 3. Here are some images of the work installed at the gallery.

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The title of the exhibition refers to the sequence of chords comprising a musical phrase. Since I have been so deeply immersed in all things Whistler of late, I wanted to explore further the parallels found in both painterly and symphonic compositions. The work was painted in my home studio in North Adams – a wonderful space away in the Eclipse Mill Artist Lofts and a peaceful refuge from the intensity of MASS MoCA and the creation of Filthy Lucre. I love this space – very different surroundings from my previous studio in the heart of Manhattan.

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Below are some close-up images of some of the works included in Cadence


Falling Away (left), Suspension (right) & Night Garden (below). These three works are oil on panel.

Blog 12.Image6.Night Garden_opt 
The images below are some of the works on paper including Formations, Falling, Lilt no. 2 & Lilt no. 5


Cadence runs through May 17th at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, Washington.



Monday was thrilling at MASS MoCA as the ceiling and light fixtures were installed. These two components of the artwork were some of the most challenging to produce – all the more extraordinary when it all comes together and works! In my last entry I wrote a bit about stained glass artist Debora Coombs and the brilliant work she did in helping me create the light fixtures. Here I hope to give you a glimpse of the process by which this amazing ceiling took form. While I was painting away on the walls and vessels in my studio Mason, Derek and Richard were cutting and welding detailed geometric aluminum structures to form the basic skeleton of the ceiling. (more…)