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Some of the most important elements in the Filthy Lucre installation are being produced outside of the museum studio with the assistance of some very talented artisans. I hope to feature some of these individuals over the coming weeks so all can see the amazing contribution each has made to the project. 

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Last week Debora Coombs mentioned our collaboration together in her own blog. She does a wonderful job of describing the process by which we made the glass light fixtures for Filthy Lucre. My goal was to paint every surface in the room including the fixtures but I had never painted glass outside of printmaking plates.

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Debora took the time to work with me and show me a variety of techniques possible. I ended up working with brief decalcomania and with Debora’s guidance I think we achieved some wonderful and unexpected results. Blog 10.Image3

Here’s Debora placing the painted glass panels into the metal framework. Below are latest pictures of the fixtures in progress. What an honor and pleasure it has been to work with such a wonderful artist as Debora.

For more details about Debora and her artwork visit and Inside The Stained Glass Studio BLOG.

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