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Monday was thrilling at MASS MoCA as the ceiling and light fixtures were installed. These two components of the artwork were some of the most challenging to produce – all the more extraordinary when it all comes together and works! In my last entry I wrote a bit about stained glass artist Debora Coombs and the brilliant work she did in helping me create the light fixtures. Here I hope to give you a glimpse of the process by which this amazing ceiling took form. While I was painting away on the walls and vessels in my studio Mason, Derek and Richard were cutting and welding detailed geometric aluminum structures to form the basic skeleton of the ceiling.
Blog 11.Image2

Once these were complete each section was built up with fiberglass layers. 
Blog 11.Image3Derek and Mason, are always smiling, even when handling the most onerous of materials. Blog 11.Image4

When we first designed the ceiling it was impossible to know if we would ever be able to construct what we had intended and I was thrilled at the results. Similar to the walls the entire ceiling can be dismantled into sections and re-built at each venue. Each section of fiberglass was then primed and painted and the aluminum made to look like gilt gold.
Blog 11.Image5Once all panels were finished they were assembled using a drop ceiling system into the space. Wiring has been put in to light up our lamps. Here’s Richard holding up the first light fixture as it was being placed.

With only days to go we could not be more excited with the results of the work as a whole and the truly extraordinary efforts of all those involved.
Blog 11.Image6