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I wanted to give everyone involved with  “Filthy Lucre” a fun holiday party, so last Friday I transformed my studio for one night into “The Peacock Lounge”, a resplendent bar/dance club of many pleasures. The attire was “filthy and gorgeous” and all those who attended presented themselves as such. Everyone looked amazing. It was quite a night indeed…

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The Peacock Lounge bartender extraordinaire, Kael.Blog 6.Image2A very handsome Jason Jacobs looked like a character out of a Jean Genet novel.Blog 6.Image3The lovely Susan Cross arrived as The Porcelain Princess herself. Amazing…
Blog 6.Image4The ladies were beautiful and bedazzled.
Blog 6.Image5Derek and Richard, normally seen wearing Carhartt’s coveralls at work, looked exceedingly dapper.

Video Credit: Jane Burns and MASS MoCA